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Your cat will Avo-ball with this treat!!

Comes with a 3M sticker to place it where you would like. We reccomend down low at roll around head height, if you have dogs in the house we reccomend up higher on a wall with a bench/table for access or their own room. 


The gall fruit is a natural stimulant for cats and has the function activating blood circulation, dispersing cold and assisting in pain relief.

Cats are known to de-stress and unwind when they smell gall fruits distinctive aroma. 


Catnip (Nepeta cataria) part of the mint family also reducing stress & assists them to fight off sickness.


The reactions vary from cat to cat. Some become mellow and calm and others become excited and playful, some could become quite aggressive. Catnip is smelt &/or eaten. Funny Fact, when it is eaten, it has the opposite effect & cats seem to relax. Some people even use catnip tea as an herbal remedy for themselves.


Absolutely highly recommend The Fur Kid Bakery for wholesome treats. We tried a 6 pack of goodies, and they went down a treat.
my fur grand babies are in love and will be ordering more online.

- Verified Buyer - Ivy Designs 18/06/23 Facebook

Lola loved the Fur Kids Bakery custom layered birthday cake. She gobbled it all up. Yummy!!!

- Verified Buyer - Rebecca Skye 28/05/23 Facebook

Spencer and Hamilton loved their churro! There were no crumbs left!

- Verified Buyer - Sarah Louise 19/05/23 Facebook

My Fur Kids absolutely love the yummy and healthy treats from the fur kids bakery. High quality and delicious! Highly recommend :)

- Verified Buyer - Iti Sharma 19/06/23 Facebook

My American Bully literally savoured every flavour coming from the Mega Marinara Pawtart.The sounds she was making as she devoured every last bit was hilarious. We will definitely be stalking you so I can stock up at the next markets you are at.

- Verified Buyer - Desiree Fraser 18/06/23 Facebook