Meow-y Christmas Box Gift - Limited Edition

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1x Cat Nip Avo Ball (if catnip is sold out Gall Fruit avo will be sent instead)

1x Silvervine (Matatabi) Natural Sticks

1x Christmas Box

(You will receive one of the following designs: Gingerbread, Snowman & Santa.)


1x Cat Nip Avo-Ball

 Your cat will Avo-ball with this treat!!

Comes with a 3M sticker to place it where you would like. We reccomend down low at roll around head height.

Made with:

Cat Nip Ball

Plastic Avocado Shape Housing

Please see information about Cat Nip on Nip Stick Product online


Silvervine Sticks (Matatabi)

5x Silverine Sticks - some know it as Matatabi 

Silvervine sticks are an amazing natural dental hygiene.

Silvervine is a climbing plant, sometimes known as Japanese catnip, that grows in the mountainous regions of Korea, China and Japan. The plant bears fruit that resembles kiwi, (Coming soon) but it’s the silver white leaves and flowers is how it gets its name “silvervine”. They're a natural stem of the plant, some people call them 'molar sticks'.


We know very few of us brush our meow'ing Fur Kids teeth so don't feel as bad when you're giving them our Nip Sticks we stock them in lots of shapes & sizes.


These treats are a double bonus keeping their gums and teeth healthy, as well as looking after their physical and emotional well-being

Warning silvervine sticks side affects include but not limited to:

Rolling around.



Staring into space.

Generally acting more playful



How long will they be affect last?

Don’t worry your meow'ing Fur Kid won't experience a long-lasting “high”. The effects of silvervine wear off in about 30 mintues. 

How often should I give Silvervine treats?

We reccomend giving silvervine treats for 30 mintues, 2-3 times a week, this keeps them craving more and not letting them get bored of it. (But then again we have so many styles change it up each time) keep them on their paws or back if they are like Milly who rolls around throwing it in the air. 

Do I need to peel the bark off?

Optional, the silvervine is safe for cats and their oral health. You can peel off the bark to make it more attractive to your cat. But even if you don't, it doesn't matter. The bark does not affect anything, pieces may fall off.

Is silver vine the same as catnip?

Despite both catnip and silver vine invoking the same strange reactions in cats, they're not closely related, but both have evolved to produce similar (but not identical) iridoids – a type of monoterpenoid: naturally occurring chemical compounds responsible for aromas and flavours. (Thanks to for that information)


Absolutely highly recommend The Fur Kid Bakery for wholesome treats. We tried a 6 pack of goodies, and they went down a treat.
my fur grand babies are in love and will be ordering more online.

- Verified Buyer - Ivy Designs 18/06/23 Facebook

Lola loved the Fur Kids Bakery custom layered birthday cake. She gobbled it all up. Yummy!!!

- Verified Buyer - Rebecca Skye 28/05/23 Facebook

Spencer and Hamilton loved their churro! There were no crumbs left!

- Verified Buyer - Sarah Louise 19/05/23 Facebook

My Fur Kids absolutely love the yummy and healthy treats from the fur kids bakery. High quality and delicious! Highly recommend :)

- Verified Buyer - Iti Sharma 19/06/23 Facebook

My American Bully literally savoured every flavour coming from the Mega Marinara Pawtart.The sounds she was making as she devoured every last bit was hilarious. We will definitely be stalking you so I can stock up at the next markets you are at.

- Verified Buyer - Desiree Fraser 18/06/23 Facebook