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Released on 18th June 2023!!

Website says sold out as these are made to order product must be preordered and pickup only as had a 3 day shelf life.

Ingredients: Full egg, capsicum, carrot & broccoli. 

Eggs:  They can even be good for your dog’s digestive system.

Eggs can be a great source of: 

  • Vitamin A
  • Riboflavin
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Fatty acids

One thing to watch out for is raw egg whites. Egg whites contain a protein called avidin, and consuming them uncooked prevents your dog’s body from absorbing biotin. Biotin is an important vitamin for:

  • Healthy skin
  • Good metabolism
  • Cell regrowth
  • Proper digestion 

Carrot: Carrots contain essential vitamins and minerals like beta carotene (which the body converts to vitamin A), vitamin K, potassium and more. Low in Fat. They have been shown to aid in eye health in low light situations and play a role in prevention of macular degeneration. Contains antioxidants that can help in cancer prevention. Antioxidants which help reduce inflammation. Contains fibre.

Red Capsicum: 

  • Improved iron absorption: Iron is essential to keep your dog away from anaemia, but as a mineral, it can be hard to absorb. The high levels of vitamin C in capsicums exponentially increase iron absorption in the gut [3]. By adding a few pieces to their diet, your dog will be able to take in more iron from their food.
  • Stronger immune system: Capsicums are exceptionally high in vitamin C, without the typical acidity from other sources like lemons and oranges. Since dogs don’t tolerate acidic foods, capsicum might be a great way of bumping up the vitamin C in their diet and boosting their immune system.
  • Fibre-rich: Adequate fibre intake will prevent constipation and keep your dog’s microbiome healthy. Unfortunately, it’s common for dogs to lack fibre in their diet. Adding a few fibre-rich treats (like capsicum or pumpkin) can round up your dog’s diet and prevent scooting all over the house.
  • Better eye health: The red and yellow colour in capsicums are due to carotenoids, powerful antioxidants that play a significant role in eye health. According to researchers, carotenoids in fruits and vegetables have a protective effect on the retina [4]. As part of a balanced diet, consistent consumption of carotenoid-rich foods can improve eye health in the long term.

Coconut: Coconut meat is high in lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid. This basically means that the body is able to absorb the molecules whole, using them as a direct source of energy. Lauric acid is particularly good at fighting off viruses, such as influenza. It also helps treat yeast infections, ringworm, and Giardia.

It also holds some major anti-inflammatory properties—it has greatly reduced swelling in rats during laboratory studies. Reduced inflammation will help speed the healing of cuts, hot spots, and other wounds. Inflammation is also the main cause of arthritis, so feeding coconut to your dog might make their aching joints feel a little better, as the inflammation settles down. Make sure to remove the shell prior to giving your dog coconut, as the shell could become lodged in their esophagus and cause intestinal irritation and possible blockage.

Boosts the Immune System

Coconut is packed with antioxidants to support the immune system. It also helps the body form a healthy response to foreign microbes. This means coconut provides the body with an extra defense against bad bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. Although the ingestion of coconut hasn’t been proven to cure any diseases, there have been studies supporting its anti-viral properties. Along with its ability to reduce inflammation, coconut is a great snack for a dog that’s feeling a little under the weather or healing from illness or injury.

Benefits the Skin

Coconut oil and meat can be used internally and externally; the oils are very beneficial for your dog’s skin and coat. The anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce any yeast infections, hot spots, flea allergies, and dry, itchy skin, and the fatty acids promote a soft, healthy coat. Topically, the oil acts as a moisturizer and can be used on wounds to help soothe inflammation and promote healing.


Pawfect for those fussy Fur Kids.

Pick between Mega Marinara, Paw Mint & Infinity Pretzel (Calamari)

We recommend Paw Mint for bad breath or dogs with eye staining like the owner Blitzen who has Paw Mint in his meals daily.





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Absolutely highly recommend The Fur Kid Bakery for wholesome treats. We tried a 6 pack of goodies, and they went down a treat.
my fur grand babies are in love and will be ordering more online.

- Verified Buyer - Ivy Designs 18/06/23 Facebook

Lola loved the Fur Kids Bakery custom layered birthday cake. She gobbled it all up. Yummy!!!

- Verified Buyer - Rebecca Skye 28/05/23 Facebook

Spencer and Hamilton loved their churro! There were no crumbs left!

- Verified Buyer - Sarah Louise 19/05/23 Facebook

My Fur Kids absolutely love the yummy and healthy treats from the fur kids bakery. High quality and delicious! Highly recommend :)

- Verified Buyer - Iti Sharma 19/06/23 Facebook

My American Bully literally savoured every flavour coming from the Mega Marinara Pawtart.The sounds she was making as she devoured every last bit was hilarious. We will definitely be stalking you so I can stock up at the next markets you are at.

- Verified Buyer - Desiree Fraser 18/06/23 Facebook