Blue Spirulina - Pawfect Cake Mix

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Also avaliable in Strawberry, Carob Chocolate & Coconut with Manuka Honey 

Our Blue Spirulina - Pawfect Cake Mix was inspired by blue sponge cake, knowing a lot of male pups would love their cake to be either blue or taste extra yummy.

Yes, girls you can get the blue spirulina too and go with the colour (its 2023 after all no judgement here taste wins over looks anyway).

If you want a darker blue add some dog friendly dye.

(Just don't forget to tag us so we can show it off to other pups too)

Ingredients & Method are on the back on the packaging and a vegan method is also available using the same powder.

250g - Makes 7 Cupcakes

500g - Makes a 7"inch Cake or 14 Cupcakes

Green & Blue Spirulina benefits - Spirulina is truly a superfood, filled with a wide variety of nutrients that can be absorbed. The immune system is everything. Spirulina is an amazing source of antioxidants, giving it strong anti-inflammatory properties to help boost that immune system. Specifically, it contains a compound called phycocyanin that helps to prevent and mitigate cell damage and protect vital organs. Considering the immunity-boosting properties of Spirulina for dogs, it makes sense that it would also help prevent or reduce allergies.

At its most basic, an allergic reaction is an over-response of the immune system to a foreign body (i.e., food, dust, or pollen). And since Spirulina helps to strengthen and support the immune system, it also helps its reaction to elements that would normally trigger it in a weakened state. And this works for not only airborne allergies, but also food allergies. Provides fantastic benefits for both the liver and kidneys. Both the kidney and liver health. By offering a concentrated number of toxin-flushing phytonutrients such as chlorophyll and alpha-lipoic acid it aids the body in natural detoxification.

They contain a wealth of digestive enzymes to help maximize the absorption of amino acids (of which all protein is comprised). It also encourages the growth of good bacteria (such as lactobacilli) in your dog’s gut, while also suppressing bad bacteria. This is a particularly beneficial aspect of Spirulina, especially for breeds predisposed to digestive conditions, such as Irritable Bowel Disease. As a nutrient-dense food, Spirulina contains many free radical-fighting vitamins, such as iron, zinc, and chromium.

Additionally, compounds such as phycocyanin act as strong antioxidants and can provide a barrier against cell damage and cancer, while also strengthening the immune system to fight off potential threats to the body. According to the chlorophyll present in Spirulina also aids in reducing the risk of cell degeneration and death. Overall, the antioxidant aspect of this blue-green algae is very promising (for further info re cancer prevention please check with your vet)


Absolutely highly recommend The Fur Kid Bakery for wholesome treats. We tried a 6 pack of goodies, and they went down a treat.
my fur grand babies are in love and will be ordering more online.

- Verified Buyer - Ivy Designs 18/06/23 Facebook

Lola loved the Fur Kids Bakery custom layered birthday cake. She gobbled it all up. Yummy!!!

- Verified Buyer - Rebecca Skye 28/05/23 Facebook

Spencer and Hamilton loved their churro! There were no crumbs left!

- Verified Buyer - Sarah Louise 19/05/23 Facebook

My Fur Kids absolutely love the yummy and healthy treats from the fur kids bakery. High quality and delicious! Highly recommend :)

- Verified Buyer - Iti Sharma 19/06/23 Facebook

My American Bully literally savoured every flavour coming from the Mega Marinara Pawtart.The sounds she was making as she devoured every last bit was hilarious. We will definitely be stalking you so I can stock up at the next markets you are at.

- Verified Buyer - Desiree Fraser 18/06/23 Facebook